of the Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag was created by Ivan Ivanov

Already having established himself as a highly respected world-class athlete and Olympian in 1996 in the sport of Greco-Roman wrestling for his home country of Bulgaria, a decade later in the year 2005, Coach Ivan Ivanov, now training his own Olympians and world-class athletes as a Gold-Level coach in the United States Olympic Training Centers, introduced the world’s first BULGARIAN BAG! And thus… the Suples Company, world-renowned maker of innovative, world-class training devices, was born!

Coach Ivanov created the Bulgarian Bag with one purpose in mind: RESULTS! Based on his own experiences as an elite athlete, Coach Ivanov realized that a truly functional core training tool like the BULGARIAN BAG is a MUST for any wrestling and/or combat sports training room. Coach Ivanov recognized that the metal weight equipment typically used in traditional training centers was neither practical nor functional enough as a complete training tool to build core rotational strength or to safely use inside a wrestling room.

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Key Features

It's different from your regular weight training equipment


The “Lamb” Shape and the “Champion’s Swing”. During the traditional Bulgarian Folkstyle Wrestling Festivals, livestock animals were awarded as winner’s prizes. After the final match, the winner is to take his livestock prize (lamb, sheep, ram or even baby calf) and then- as part of this tradition- he must “swing” the animal over his head to get it onto his shoulders and walk proudly through the audience. This is what led to the vision, design, production, and unique training methods of the first BULGARIAN BAG created by Coach Ivan Ivanov!

Build & Quality

The entire product line of the BULGARIAN BAG models has been precision-tuned by Coach Ivanov to meet all of your training demands when used along with his world-class Suples BULGARIAN BAG Training Systems!

​Manufactured with pride in Bulgaria, and built with the toughness and durability to handle everything you can throw at them. Most, if not all of the exercises that can be performed with kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, weight vests, and/or barbells can be performed with the Bulgarian Bag.


  • FUNCTIONAL Core Strength 

  • Speed, Power, & Acceleration

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Injury Rehabilitation

Bulgarian Bag Models

  • Offered in models made of leather, high-quality vinyl, or canvas.

  • The unique design is simple, safe, durable, and completely portable!

  • Different models offer a variety of grip and handle options to suit different, specific training purposes and comfort levels.

  • Different models are offered in a wide variety of weight and size options for ANY level of training-- ranging from world-class athletes to fitness enthusiasts, down to physical education classes and kids!